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Big Data | Analytics and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) are driving exponentially increased demands on datacenters and developers alike, as we cross the zettabyte horizon this year. Containers and microservices are now part of every PaaS conversation, and IaaS providers are increasingly competing for platform customers. WebRTC continues to reform web communications, and DevOps is pushing its way into an enterprise IT world that is increasingly agile, lean, and continuous. Through all this, Cloud Expo remains the single independent event where browse around here delegates and technology vendors can meet to experience and discuss the entire world of the cloud. Only Cloud Expo brings together all this in a single location: Cloud Computing WebRTC DevOps Cloud computing budgets worldwide are reaching into the hundreds of billions of dollars, and no organization can survive long without some sort of cloud migration strategy. Each month brings new announcements, use cases, and success stories. Cloud Expo offers the world’s most comprehensive selection of technical and strategic Industry Keynotes, General Sessions, Breakout Sessions, and signature Power Panels. The exhibition floor features 100+ exhibitors offering specific solutions and comprehensive strategies. The floor also features a Demo Theater that give delegates the opportunity to get even closer to the technology they want to see and the people who offer it. Attend Cloud Expo.

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”When Joe tells us we’re going to get three, five, seven extra points a match off of this, it’s so motivating to us because he’s so smart. When Joe says something, we all listen.” The American women, who were chasing their first Olympic gold before Thursday’s heartbreaking five-set semifinal defeat to Serbia, will play for bronze on Saturday against the Netherlands. Coach Karch Kiraly has embraced volleyball analytics the way baseball has turned to sabermetric measurements to evaluate players. ”Joe is the man – 10 steps ahead of the rest of the world,” assistant coach Tom Black said. ”Library of Congress,” is how U.S. consultant Marv Dunphy, the 1988 gold-medal winning coach, refers to him. After each tournament, Trinsey pulls all-nighters evaluating each play – there might be upward of 200 plays in a single match – and turns over that information in 48 hours so Kiraly can begin presenting the data to his players. At the conclusion of last month’s Grand Prix, Kiraly sent an individual email to each woman breaking down her serve. The basic findings: serving to space, away from an opposing passer, is far more effective than serving right at someone.

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